Friday, February 3, 2012

Hands (Seriously?! Why hands?)

I have to admit, my hands are my least favorite part of my body. I cannot change the length or width of my fingers with polish or hand lotion, and therein lies the problem. My fingers stopped growing but my palms are a normal size. *Sigh* But they are functional, if not a little crackly and crampy in the winter. So here it is, the prompt for February Photo-A-Day.

I also tried taking some profile pictures to use in the about me portion of my blog, and inspired by My Suitcase Full of Tricks and her FABulous office pictures, I decided to take some where I do a lot of my work. The result was unfortunate.
I'm blonde now?

Real hair color but double chins

Slightly annoyed, one eyebrow up…okay I'm done face.

What's your least favorite body part? xoxo, Kate


  1. I think these pics are great!!! Also, I dislike my hands too. They are very white and disproportionately me. :)

  2. You are such a dork! Don't you think those shots look like mine too? I really should adopt you.

  3. ST- What is it about hands?!
    Ali- I was trying to figure out a place to take the pictures without going outside and my desk seemed a logical choice…but then I saw the pictures and thought "Oh wow. Yeah no". Except for the annoyed one, I really don't look like that in person. STRANGE.

  4. My hands have terrible circulation and are always cold so they usually look purple... but they're the only hands I have so I think I will keep them!

  5. Your hair looks FANTASTIC! I liked it brown but lovin' the blonde- good for you! :)

  6. Your hands look very normal to me!! :) I guess we all have bits of us that we just don't like though. Not sure where to begin with mine at the moment really!

    And.... double chins?! WHERE? xx


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