Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Women do when they're Unhappy/Stressed/Mad/Sad etc...

I'm interested to know what you do when you're unhappy or stressed or confused or mad or sad or in general just feeling at odds with yourself and the world. 

Do you read a book, take a walk, punch a pillow, pray? 
I'm more one to brood or sulk, and I need to get out of this habit! 

This is my "Seriously?!" face as a child...I use it more as an adult than I should.

I'm compiling a list and then doing a blog post on my findings later this month. 

Thank you in advance ladies- many kisses!


  1. When I'm upset I usually do 1 of 3 things...
    1) Vent to a friend or family member
    2) Cry it out :)
    3) Write about my feelings in my journal to work through them.

    I know that's pretty cliche, but it really helps me.

  2. 1) I have long rambling inner dialogues with the source of my upset. These range from the wittiest snarkiest comments I would NEVER say aloud to plotting somewhat evil and highly embarassing revenge scenarios usually involving single eyebrow removal, super-glueing(sp)body parts... Clearly not a useful strategy for when I am sad, but good for mad and upset
    2)I sometimes vent-
    3) I clean. SOOOOOO much cleaning that I am exhausted at the end. Highly satisfactory to "impose" a sense of illusory order when it feels as if your world is in wobble orbit and needs to be righted. Also good for reiforcing what a virtuous and worthy person you are for even attempting such an endeavor!In Spring/Summer substitute gardening- creating beauty is a lovely thing. Odddly I cannot quilt, knit or create art when I am sad- only happy energy may go into those projects.
    4)Nothing like losing oneself in a great book or books to allow for time to pass and wounds to heal. Living in someone else's reality is sorely underestimated.
    5)I sometimes play a marathon session of Bejeweled,Tetrus etc which allows me to think while not thinking- calling for great feats of mental and hand-eye agility whilst allowing my subconcious to sort out a plan of action or better yet helping me avoid preciptous action...
    6) I try to find someone else who is needier, sadder,or more overwhelmed and throw myself into doing whatever I can to help them. Sounds like a Pollyanna solution but it often gives perspective to my pity party of one. There is ALWAYS someone with worse problems.

    And then there are what I like to call "specialty therapies" these include but are not limited to chocolate, sea salt caramel, peanut butter, and Martinis. (must issue a qualifier here- we all know the saying: One Martini, Two Martini, Three Martini, Floor. I do NOT think that drinking is a solution- in moderation it may help you relax just a teeny bit though) A great Pomegranite Martini, Rum and Mango, Vodka and Cranberry, glass of wine,(not sure why I am capitalizing these drinks?!!) is a happy thing at the end of a stressful day, but even better to celebrate the END of the mad, sad, bad thing that had you hornswoggled!


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