Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Graduation/Birthday Cash Gift Idea

Hello Friends! I've been meaning to put this post up for awhile, but I keep forgetting about it. Does that happen to any of you? Do you complete a project and take pictures of it and then forget to write the post? Anywho…

I didn't have any recent photos of just the two of us, so I made a collage of us at the Spartan Race-that kid is a beast!

I found an idea on Pinterest that I loved for my cousin's high school graduation, and because he's got a good sense of humor, I thought he would like this more than a card with a check.
First- line up your cash end-to-end and tape it together into one big ribbon.
Take all the tissues out of a tissue box. Then take two or three and crumple them up, and stick them back into the tissue box to act as your base.
Accordion-fold your cash ribbon...
Until it looks like this!
Put the cash ribbon into the box.
Leave one end sticking out, and then put a tissue on either side to prop up the bill. 
Add a tag (index cards and Sharpies and curling ribbon)
And add a slightly gross and hilarious saying :)
Wouldn't you love to receive this? I think most boys I know (of any age!) would have fun with this one!

xoxo, Kate

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  1. omg I LOVE this!!! Great DIY girt too!! I must share!


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