Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blast from the past-"25 things" Senior year edition

Hi Everyone! I am not deceased or otherwise grievously injured, just got caught up in the holiday bustle and did a lot of traveling (and subsequently left my laptop charger in Atlanta for a week and a half). One of my New Year Resolutions is to blog a LOT more- if I'm absent for more than 3 days, I expect one of you to tweet/comment/facebook/send smoke signals my way and tell me to get writing! Anyway, instead of boring you with how my holidays went or what I got for Christmas (not to worry, I'll do those posts soon), I'm posting my own version of something Ali over at My Suitcase Full of Tricks posted. If you haven't checked her out, seriously...go now, and minimize my post for later. She's that funny....
okay, are you back? Because of Facebook's new timeline thing, you can see things you posted from the day you joined. Do you remember that "25 Things About Me" note that was going around? Well Ali posted some things from hers and it inspired me to look back from mine. Boy, was I rewarded. This is unedited, brought to you by my senior year of high school self. Brace yourselves, children. This might not be easy to read. No, but seriously, it's hysterical.

1.) I want to bring sexy back to the library by being the hottest librarian of all time
(This is what I originally started college for- I wanted to get my degree in Library Science)
2.) I've never had a crush on anyone the same age or younger than I
(This may explain why Handsome is 7 1/2 years older than I)
3.) I have an extremely eclectic taste in music (everyone looks at me in confusion when my phone plays "Back in Black" "Hey Jude" and then "My Girl" in succession)
(now it's different pieces from the 5th Harry Potter movie's score)
4.) I am positively addicted to Grey's Anatomy.
(not anymore- after the shooting finale, I just couldn't handle it. It's so sad now!)
5.) I secretly love taking family pictures, because I like looking back at how far we've come.
6.) I love all seasons, but if I had to pick, summer would be my favorite, because all of my best memories seem to happen then.
(Also, still!)
7.) I seem really sweet, but I'm tougher than you'll ever know.
(How dramatic of me)
8.) I've played the saxophone for 8 years.
(Well I guess you could say 12 now?)
9.) My favorite movie is Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
( Don't tell anyone okay?)
10.) I'm a proud godmother to 2 1/2 year-old Jonathan, the smartest boy that has ever lived!
(They haven't revoked my godmothership yet)
11.) Some of my life goals- become an impeccable shot, go skydiving, hang gliding, learn to surf...the list goes on.
(Haven't done any of those yet)
12.) I'm kinda a Harry Potter freak (Harry will always be my first love)
(I've already told you that one)
13.) I have a big butt, and I'm proud of it :)
(Nothing I do changes this)
14.) My best friends are related to me ♥
(Also, still!)
15.) I tell it like it is, so don't get offended. If you ask me if you look fat in those pants, I'll tell ya. Hey, you asked! 
(I'd like to think I'm a little more tactful now)
16.) I have really small hands. Seriously, they're tiny.
(I wish they would grow- I should post a picture on here someday- my mother calls them elf hands)
17.) I have a small love affair with the beach. And by small, I mean it eclipses breathing (I can see it from my bedroom window...I know, you're jealous)- Still!
18.) If I could have a superpower, it would be to teleport myself. (Abso-freaking-lutely!)
19.) I have several big brothers and sisters, but none of them are biological. That I know of. Dad?
(bahahaha- "Dad?" )
20.) I'm actually really good at throwing a frisbee. Catching it, well, let's say 75% of the time.
( Have probably gotten worse than I was)
21.) One of my favorite things to do is to listen to my ipod in the halls in school, pump up the volume really loud, and dance on the inside while picturing what people would do if I actually started dancing. 
( I can't say I've done this recently...but I still harbor fantasies of performing in some kind of talent show and blowing everyone away with my singing/dancing abilities)
22.) I love to travel, and I'm not fussy about things like running water or sleeping on the ground. 
(Have gotten a lot worse at sleeping outside- mostly because any kind of excess noise bothers me)
23.) My favorite smells are the salt of the ocean, freshly-mown grass, and melting chocolate.
24.) My favorite holiday is actually not Christmas. It's the 4th of July!
(Again- yes! Refer back to my 4th of July post)
25.) And finally...
I have a thing for bagpipes. Actually, anything Scottish in general.
(The bf is Italian and Portuguese with some Scottish thrown in, so it's okay I guess.)

Anyone have more of these out there? Tell me what you think of mine!

xoxo, Kate

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  1. First off, I knew I was significantly older than you but not THIS much. High school 3 years ago. I should adopt you. You were born when I was in high school. And your 3 songs: I heard two of them last night. One of them I might have sang to on top of my lungs in a crowded group of people. And Potter: My New Year's resolution is to read the first 6 again and FINALLY start Deathly Hallows. Justin came along and I had no time for Harry anymore. I'm 3/4 of the way through Sorcerers Stone.


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