Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am (blank) because...

Inspired by a post on my Southern Twin's blog, A Little of This and That, I decided to follow her lead and be completely honest with you guys. All twelve of you. Now it sounds like I'm going to admit some huge secret, like I'm really Madonna's daughter, or I stole a case of Junior Mints from the local supermarket. Well, I didn't. Not that I'm in the habit of lying either, but I like the idea of learning interesting things about everyone. So here we go...
I am weird because...
I do accents at random times of the day- my best ones are British, Scottish, French, Southern, and Boston (that last one is a given). 
I prefer to listen to classical music when I'm driving.
I can't NOT have something sweet at the end of dinner...I'll just keep eating otherwise. 
I sometimes crack myself up in public places when I'm alone. 
I have a huge weakness for McDonald's sweet tea.  I can go through the drive-through without buying anything else, too. 

I am a good friend because...
I don't bother my friends by calling them/texting them too much.
I'm a good listener.
I offer good advice. (at least, I think it's good advice)
It's easy to pick up where we left off when you see me.
(I started to write my own down and realized I was going to say the same thing anyway, so...thanks April!

I am a bad friend because...
I don't catch up with people enough.
Sometimes, when people text/call/email me, I don't get back right away because I've answered them back in my head...does that make any sense?
Sometimes I overcommit and then secretly end up being angry with the person for asking too much even though I know it's my own fault for saying yes. 
I am sad because...
I only have 12 followers! This is depressing, people. Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, and that crazy cat lady down the road that they should follow my blog. I have 53 followers on Pinterest and 55 on Twitter- obviously I'm doing something wrong.
My knees have been hurting, cracking, and popping beyond belief lately, to the point where it hurts to go up stairs and kneel in church. I'm scared because my Dad, Grandmother, and Aunt all have had knee surgery. 
I am happy because...
I'm making new friends (yes. I'm aware that that statement makes me sound like I'm 5 years old and it's my first day of Kindergarten)
I have several new books on my Kindle and some of my very favoritest Tea 
I'm crafting and creating and feeling good about myself.
I am excited for...
Cooking and baking!
Making gifts!
Wrapping gifts!
Going to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations

xoxo, Kate


  1. Aw! Katie! By the way I got a new blog! Follow me:

    Also stop being a bad friend and call me!

  2. Just a few more reasons why we are for real, twins.

    -I also must have something sweet. It's a disease, I swear!
    -I'm a huge fan of ridiculous accents. My roommate and I talk accents to each other. I speak in a Russian accent to her and she talks in a hispanic accent to me. HA!
    -I would like to hear your southern accent someday. I can be a true judge to see if it cuts the mustard, so to speak. :) HA!


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