Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Obligatory Halloween Post

I'm gonna call this one; "Kate in Costumes", because not all of them are from Halloween and because it rhymes and I like rhymes. I made a lot of these out of what I had in my closet or modified them in some way as to make them cooler. The deviled egg is a pillowcase with fabric paint and a slice of styrofoam ball. The woodland fairy costume I bought but then ripped all the bows and ribbons off and hot-glued silk leaves and flowers on to it. 4th of July was my friend's dance costume that I wore with my own accessories, and the librarian was the easiest one of all- all clothes I already owned. This year, I will be unable to participate in any Halloween festivities UNLESS it snows on Saturday- because marching band finals are on Saturday night. Darn it. This post is making me feel a little bit better though. Tell me some of your past ideas!

Halloween 2010- deviled egg and devil

Halloween 2009- Woodland fairy and Donnie (bf's dad)

4th of July and Jesus


If you haven't stopped by my very bestest blog friend's page yet, you best do so now- A Little of This and That has some fabulous Halloween ideas. And we were both deviled eggs- which is crazy because I have never seen ANYONE else with that costume.


  1. I LOVE that deviled egg costume. Great idea. Might have to steal it!

  2. The fact that we were both Deviled Eggs for Halloween is just more proof that you are my Yankee Twin. :) Oh, and your Deviled Egg was WAY cuter than mine.

    I have literally NEVER thought to be a librarian. I LOVE that idea. I might do it this year!

  3. Ali- The deviled egg is super easy to make- although I have to admit that most of the time I had to tell people what I was..and then they would laugh.

    April- The librarian is always a hit- I may be reprising it this year as well because it's so easy. I have a "Happiness is Reading" pin on too :)

  4. Oh the librarian is fabulous! Also - Jesus rocks. Love your ideas!

  5. I love how creative all of your costumes are!


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