Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 Things You May Not Know About ME

The capitalization in *ME* gives me a sense of importance (but I digress).

Inspired by a post on Accidentally, Kle, I decided to do a short little post about ME (self-importance again)

I am fully aware that most of these make me sound like a huge geek, but I'm okay with that.
1. I'm such a big band geek, that not just playing the saxophone for 9 years or doing marching band, concert band, jazz band, and winter guard in high school was enough for me. I went back to my old band director this year and said..."Let me help!"So now I'm an assistant color guard and visual instructor. This year, they're doing this music...

2. I'm a college student, studying Early Childhood Education, and I love it!

3. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. Not obsessed to the point where I have posters all around my room, but I have read all the books more times than I can count, I can beat everyone I've ever played in Harry Potter Scene It?, and I'm a beta tester for Pottermore, J.K. Rowling's new website.

4. I love snow more than anything (being a New England gal) but I don't participate in any snow sports, like skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. I do, however, sled and ice fish like NOBODY'S business.

5. I'm a ridiculously light sleeper. I have a noise machine that I have to sleep with every night, and I have wax earplugs for when I'm sleeping in the same room as another person. I wake up if someone breathes funny. Not fun.

6. I've always wanted to go hang-gliding. Not skydiving, not bungee jumping, just hang-gliding.

7. My favorite quote from a movie : "Thank you. That will be nice. Yes is being my answer. Easy question." Aurelia from Love Actually (my favorite love story out of all of them) 

8. My favorite vegetable is spinach- I love all vegetables, but spinach is definitely my favorite!

9. My guilty pleasure is Mac n'Cheese. Kraft, Annie's, Velveeta, homemade, doesn't matter, I love them all. The best Mac n'Cheese I've ever had is at a place in Faneuil Hall called MMmac n'cheesee - seriously- that's the name. They make every bowl right in front of you- sauce and everything! Unreal.

10. My favorite color is cerulean- best crayon in the box, don't ya know?

xoxo, Kate


  1. OMG, I had no idea how similar we were until I read this post.

    1) I haven't read HP, but my best friend is obsessed with HP and Pottermore. If I told her you were a beta tester.... geez.
    2) Mac n Cheese is my most favorite food of all. Seriously. I can eat it any way. Many of my friends know me as the Mac n Cheese connoiseur.
    3) I'm also a ridiculously light sleeper. Case in point: I woke up this morning to my NEIGHBOR'S alarm clock through the walls.
    4) Cerulean is my most favorite color in the crayon box. I'm usually too in love with it to use it too much also. So, it stays pretty sharp. Also, I only use Crayola crayons. I know...weird.

    Are you my yankee twin??!!

  2. Ooh this was great. I am wondering now why I didn't specifically tag you, because I know I meant to. So I'm glad you wrote the post anyway!

    Re your #7 lol I love that part of the movie. My husband and I regularly use "just in cases" - anyone who doesn't remember that line must think we're a bit weird ;)


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