Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bucket List

I was inspired by a post I saw on "A Little of This and That ” about a bucket list, and I although I’ve never actually solidified it by writing it down. This was a perfect excuse to do so!
(April, I promise some of these are mine too! I don’t copy you ALL the time, just sometimes :p )

1.Find a job that makes me happy every day
2. Go to Italy
3. Learn to play guitar
4. Get engaged and get married
5. Have a child (or children)
6. Get a piercing somewhere other than my ear lobes (just got my cartilage pierced!)
7. Get a tattoo
8. Graduate college
9. Finish my needlepoint project 
10. Finish knitting the afghan I started a couple days ago 
11. Go hang-gliding
12. Be a bridesmaid 
13. Be a godmother (again) 
14. Build my t-shirt business
15. Stick to a work-out routine for more than 3 days
16. Go to Disneyworld AND Disneyland
17. Win a blog giveaway
18. Live in a house of my own
19. Go to Australia
20. Have 100 followers by 2012!

What are some of yours? 
xoxo Kate


  1. Awesome!!

    I want to be a big rock star stop motion animator/director. BOOOYAAA!!

  2. This is awesome!! I want to have 100 followers too!! :) Yay for Bucket Lists!


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