Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation Timeeee!

Tomorrow morning I leave for a week to go to Bermuda! Right now I'm frantically packing and my living room looks like its been ransacked by a pack of dress-loving lady-wolves. Not even an exaggeration. I'm not bringing a computer in hopes that I'll be able to break my internet addiction and be able to relax while I'm gone :)  I'm going to leave you with some pictures from the spectacular 4th.
Books that should never have been written

Baby Princesses

Chubby Baby :)
Ready for the pie-eating contest!
She wins!
Breaking into my grandparent's house like we do every year

Dinner time!

The Group :)


xoxoxo Kate


  1. looks like heaps of fun!

    and Bermuda! ah, you lucky lady!! have a blast! xxxx

  2. I love these pics. Also, you're "stuntin'" outfit is way cute.

    I'm jealous that you'll be in Bermuda, but anxious to see what kind of photos you post afterward! Have fun!!


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